Every online business needs tools to run your business so you can get leads, sales, sign-ups and generate profit. 

The question is what are the tools you really need, why do you need them and how do you use them? 

There's tons of things people will tell you, you absolutely must have to run your business online.

If you follow the advice of these experts and gurus who have been in business for a long time you'll end up with tons of tools that you absolutely need and know how to use and somehow make them work together. Tools that you might not even really need, or know how to use correctly to make money from your investment.

I'm not here to list all those things, you can find plenty of advice telling you all the things you must have.

But tell me having all those things isn't confusing, not to mention vastly overwhelming!!

There's so much to do, learn, and understand. And each of them works differently!

Take a breath and relax.

While you may need most of those tools eventually (and not every business does) you can start and get into profit quickly with 3 very basic business tools. Learn them, get to know them and get comfortable with them. Then later, as your business expands, you can consider adding additional tools - if your business NEEDS them.